100% Amazing Magic: This DVD Reveals It All...
Magic With Everyday Objects!

Never again say,
“I don't have
anything on me!”
Now you are magic 24/7/365!

This is the video I want you to see!

What would you do?

We've all been there. Out of nowhere, it's “magic time”...

“Are you a magician, Larry?” Aziz asked through the tiny little holes drilled in the “glass” between me and him.

I was getting some gas at one of my favorite gas stations that I use when I'm running too low and need to stop “in the hood” for fuel.

I had known Aziz (or “Oz” for short) for years, but this was the first time I was wearing one of my magic tee-shirts when I stopped in to see him.

“Yeah”, I told him and (of course) he asked me to do a trick.

Okay. You've been there. Tough conditions. What could I possibly show him?!?!?

Take a moment...

What would YOU show him?

Really. On the spot. What do you do?

No take-a-card tricks. (Actually that would have been the ultimate “Card Through Glass” trick!). Maybe a coin trick, but not quite. So I looked around for something (anything!) I could do magic with. Then I saw exactly what I needed.

Hanging on a key rack behind Aziz were two rubber bands. “Hey Oz, pass me those two rubber bands.”

He slipped them under the impossibly small slot designed to make change though, and I went into a three phase rubber band routine right off of
Tricks with Everyday Objects.

His jaw was open as I slid the rubber bands (HIS rubber bands) back under the glass to him. (Later I realized how interesting it was that he DIDN'T inspect the rubber bands! I guess he just KNEW they were legit because they were HIS items!)

When he finally spoke all he said was, “Teach me”.

I silently wondered how much free gasoline I would get for teaching him a full set of magic that routinely sells for 25 bucks and up! But, I just told him to swing by the local magic shop sometime and they would show him the DVD that teaches those tricks in simple, easy terms.

Now here's the thing...
Even if you can ALREADY do Penetrating Rubber Bands (AKA: Crazy Man's Handcuffs) and the other two tricks, that just shows how VALUABLE it is to have a BUNCH of Everyday Object magic in your arsenal!

What if there hadn't been rubber bands?

Well, I could have used
crayons, straws, bottle caps, napkins, cigarettes (yuck!), finger rings or other everyday objects and still FRYED him!

This really is a
MUST HAVE DVD and especially for when you are caught without cards or coins!

This is the DVD your magic dealer
doesn't want you to see!

Because with this DVD, the WORLD is your magic shop!

More about this great DVD...

Book Test - While the performer's head is turned, a spectator selects any page from an unprepared and borrowed book and remembers a word. Without looking at the page, the performer can instantly reveal the thought of the word. I mean, COME ON!!!! Just try to imagine this: You can literally walk up to someone, ask to borrow their book and perform this miracle in seconds!

Bottle Cap Matrix - One of the easiest ways to perform this classic close-up effect.

Jumping Ring - A great quickie to perform in-between routines that's very easy to do. Do it just once and you're the king of ring magic for your audience. (And you WILL be doing this within 5 seconds of learning it!). P.S. - If you THINK you know this one... you may be surprised at some of the subtleties that make it work EVERYTIME!

Cigarette Sleights – Three must-know cigarette magic sleights that will make you look like a sleight of hand pro. Don't smoke? No problem! These are great for performing with straws, crayons (for kids at your restaurant gig? Sure!), and many other borrowed objects as well! (How about golf pencils!)

Cut and Restored Straw - Perfect for restaurant workers, cafeterias, or any place you find straws.

Torn and Restored Sugar Packet - A borrowed sugar packet is destroyed and is instantly and visually restored back to its original conditions. This effect is something your audiences will remember for the rest of their lives. This one is not TRULY impromptu, but it's too good to leave off of this DVD!

Penetrating Rubber Bands – Must-know... Must-know... MUST-KNOW magic! One of the best close-up illusions that you will carry with you and perform anywhere. This is something you will do for the rest of you life.

Torn and Restored Rubber Bands - A perfect follow up to the Penetrating Rubber Bands.

Ring and Rubber Band - A shocking illusion that uses one ring, one rubber band and nothing else. And, yes... Everything can be borrowed! Great impromptu magic!

Plus... 30 DAY

If you aren't doing killer magic with everyday object once you get this DVD, simply return the DVD within 30 days for a full and complete refund! That's ONE FULL MONTH!

If you aren't THRILLED
I don't want your money!  

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